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Combi regional tours Armenia - Georgia

“Bravo Armenia” travel company provides a unique opportunity - visiting two unique countries at once, in order to familiarize yourselves with the history and customs of the two oldest peoples, tasting unique dishes and learn a lot of new things for yourselves. The combi tour is saturated with real Caucasian flavor.

Throughout the tour you will find many fascinating walks and excursions, you will feel the spirit of the magnificent mountain nature, rich ancient culture and architecture of Armenia and Georgia, visiting deep gorges, mountains, extinct volcanoes, mountain rivers and lakes, ancient churches, cave cities and rock monasteries, and even a pagan temple, you will see the unique nature and landscapes, try Caucasian cuisine, get acquainted with the life of the locals and their hospitality. Walking along the old and winding streets of Tbilisi is impossible not to fall in love with this city.

In the territory of Georgia and Armenia there is a huge number of historical, cultural and religious monuments of architecture, familiarity with which will bring real pleasure to any tourist. Hospitality and exquisite traditions of feasts will win the heart of any traveler. The magnificent nature of Armenia and Georgia, the cleanest fresh mountain air - all this attracts a large number of tourists to this region and leaves a lot of unforgettable impressions.

Travel across Armenia and Georgia will open before you interesting pages of ancient culture and history of these regions of the Caucasus. Having visited two countries in one tour, You will certainly want to come back and get to know each of them individually.

Organizing rest in Armenia and Georgia in 2019

‘’Bravo Armenia’’ travel agency organizes both group and individual tours in Armenia and Georgia. 
Group tours are organized by requests of groups containing 5 or more people. The date decides the person, who ordered the tour. Tourist companies, different organizations can also send requests for organizing group tours. Individuals can also order tours; the only condition is that the group should be consisted of not less than 5 people. For forming the order for the tour you can contact with the managers of our company via (+ 374) 55 344 347 phone number or email:

Guaranteed tours

Guaranteed tours

Treasures of Armenia
7days / 6nights
Price €495

A week of authentic experience through the unique places in Armenia exploring mountains and valleys, monasteries and fortresses. During these days you will discover 4 UNESCO World heritage sites....

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Bright colors of Caucasus
8days / 7nights
Price €915

8 days combined tour to Armenia and Georgia. Start your tour in Armenia and finish in Georgia. Discover the culrtural heritage of two ancient countries in Caucasus.   ...

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