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Gastronomic tours to Armenia

Many of us have probably heard about the hospitality of the Armenian people. The secrets of the recipe of many dishes passed on from generation to generation for thousands of years. Each region of Armenia is famous for its traditional dishes and wines. During our gastronomic excursions You will get acquainted with the secrets of traditional Armenian cuisine, visit ancient wineries and take part in tastings.

A gastronomic tour in Armenia, developed by “Bravo Armenia”, will appeal to true gourmets and lovers to try new dishes. The program of the gastronomic tour includes tasting various dishes of local cuisine. Going on our culinary tour in Armenia You will get acquainted with the secrets of traditional Armenian cuisine, taste dishes typical of different regions of Armenia, and of course, try dishes made with Your own hands. The gastronomic tours programs include master classes from the best chefs who will gladly share with You the secrets of cooking this or that dish.

Many Armenian dishes are associated with holidays and traditions, so tastings are often accompanied by stories of local people about the history of the particular dish. The program of the gastronomic tour also includes excursions to local attractions. Wine tours are often combined with gastronomic ones. As part of the wine tour, You will get acquainted with the process of producing the famous Armenian brandy and wines, as well as give an opportunity to taste them. Come to sunny hospitable Armenia to go on an unforgettable gastronomic journey that will not only please Your taste buds, but also give Your trip a special gastronomic savour.

Organizing wine and gastronomic tours

‘’Bravo Armenia’’ travel agency organizes wine and gastronomic group tours in Armenia. If you love wine, delicious food and fun company – experience one of our wine-gastronomic group tours!
Group tours are organized by requests of groups containing 5 or more people. The date decides the person, who ordered the tour. Tourist companies, different organizations can also send requests for organizing group tours. Individuals can also order tours; the only condition is that the group should be consisted of not less than 5 people.

For forming the order for the tour you can contact with the managers of our company via (+ 374) 55 344 347 phone number or email:

Guaranteed tours

Guaranteed tours

Treasures of Armenia
7days / 6nights
Price €495

A week of authentic experience through the unique places in Armenia exploring mountains and valleys, monasteries and fortresses. During these days you will discover 4 UNESCO World heritage sites....

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Bright colors of Caucasus
8days / 7nights
Price €915

8 days combined tour to Armenia and Georgia. Start your tour in Armenia and finish in Georgia. Discover the culrtural heritage of two ancient countries in Caucasus.   ...

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