Cathedral of St. Echmiadzin

Echmiadzin is the main spiritual center of all Armenians, the heart of Armenian Christianity. It is here that the Cathedral of St. Echmiadzin (in Armenian means “The Descent of the Only Begotten”) is the main attraction of Armenia.

It is the main monastery of the Armenian Apostolic Church (IV century), the residence of the Catholicos of all Armenians. The first stone in the construction of this temple, according to legend, was laid in 301 A.D. by Gregory the Illuminator - the first Catholicos of the Armenian Church. Then the cathedral was rebuilt over the next 1,700 years.

At the cathedral there is the “Treasury of Echmiadzin” museum, which presents unique holy relics of the church: the Holy Lance piercing Christ, a fragment of Noah's Ark, and many other valuable works of art.

In Echmiadzin, there are three more unique architectural monuments: the Church of St. Hripsime, Church of St. Gayane, Church of St. Shoghakat. According to legend, these temples were erected in honor of the martyrs - the first Christian women who fled from Rome from the persecution of the Armenian king Trdat III. 

Temples were built on the site of the death of these three holy virgins. All three churches are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

To visit Armenia and not to see Echmiadzin, means not to visit this country at all.

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