Temple of Geghard in Armenia

Geghard Monastery is located in the north-east of Armenia, where the Azat River originates. It is one of the frequently visited sights of Armenia. The monastery is located on the slope of the sheer cliffs of the Gegham Range. The "gate" of the monastery is the figure of a lioness holding a spear in its paws.

The monastery was founded in the fourth century AD and was called “Ayrivank”, since there were cave structures in this place. According to belief, the founder of the monastery complex is St. Gregory the Illuminator (Lusavorich).

The name "Geghard" is associated with a spear that pierced the crucified Christ. This spear was located in the monastery for a long time, and now it is in the museum at Echmiadzin Cathedral.

The existing architectural complex Geghard is a building of the XII-XIII centuries. Of particular interest is the rock complex, the construction of which began in the middle of the XIII century. Some of the temples of Geghard are completely hollowed out inside the rocks. In the territory of Geghard there are numerous cross-stones. Geghard Cave Monastery is a unique work of art and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage List.

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