Goshavank monastery in Armenia

Goshavank – one of the most popular sights of Armenia. It is located in the village Gosh, 20 km away from city Dilijan. On the place of ruined (in 1188) Getik monastery with the assistance of Mkhitar Gosh Nor Getik was built. Nor Getik is a unique monument in history and architecture of 12-13 centuries. After the scientist died the complex was named after him: Goshavank. Mkhitar Gosh is the author of “The Lawcode” and one of the most prominent ecclesiastical figures of his time. Goshavank is the special part of history of Armenian Church construction, due to its unique and graceful, literally lacy khachkars of Poghos master (13th century). There was an academy in Goshavank; it was teaching theology, philosphy, painting, the art of writing, music. Goshavank – the biggest cultural, educational and religious center in medieval Armenia. There are manuscripts, which were created in Goshavank, that were saved to the present day. The monastery complex Goshavank consists of Astvatsatsin church, Saint Gregory church, a chapel and a library.

Tours and excursions visiting Goshavank

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