Zorats Karer Observatory, Karahunj in Armenia

On the territory of Armenia there are many traces of ancient civilizations. Zorats Karer or Karahunj is the oldest megalithic structure on earth. Karahunj is located in the south of Armenia, near the town of Sisian. The site, with an area of ​​7 hectares, occupies about two hundred vertically standing stones, reaching a height of three meters. Half of the stones have through holes, the diameter of which is 5-7 centimeters. Menhirs form two rings with different diameters.

Zorats Karer is a historical mystery that has been haunting scientists for many years. There were assumptions that in the III-II centuries B.C. this place was of cult significance. The stones were supposed to be the ruins of a burial mound with stone walls and a roof surrounded by menhirs. In order to confirm that Karahunj is nothing but the oldest observatory, 4 research expeditions were conducted under the direction of Paris Heruni (a scientist, academician from Armenia).

As a result of complex calculations, there was a version of Heruni that the Karahunj Observatory dates back about 7500 years. Paris Heruni also drew analogy between the English Stonehenge and the Armenian Karahunj. There is another version explaining the existence of a megalithic complex in different parts of the globe: through these structures, the earth is saturated with cosmic energy.

The name Zorats Karer (“Power Stones”) is explained by the fact that the stone complex is located in one of the most energetically powerful places earth.

Tours and excursions to Karahunj

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