Khor Virap


Khor Virap Monastery in Armenia

Khor Virap Monastery is one of the shrines of the Armenian people. Khor Virap is translated from Armenian - deep dungeon.

The monastery is located above the underground prison, in which Gregory the Illuminator languished for 14 years, before Trdat III proclaimed Christianity in Armenia. It was here that St. Gregory the Illuminator languished in dungeon for many years. Trdat III planted him here because Gregory the Illuminator was preaching Christianity in Armenia. According to the legend, God was angry with Trdat III for what he had done, and turned him into a boar. And he was cured only when he accepted Christianity.

The Khor Virap hill was built on the site of the citadel of the town of Artashat - the ancient capital of Armenia. Artashat was built by King Artashes I in the second century BC.

Over the underground prison in the 7th century, the chapel of St. Gregory was built, which is architecturally similar to the Zvartnots temple. It was subsequently destroyed by an earthquake. In the 17th century, St. Astvatsatsin Church was built on the territory of the monastery, which is still active.

A kilometer from the monastery of Khor Virap is the border with Turkey. From the territory of the monastery offers a beautiful view of the biblical Mount Ararat.

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