International Women's Day Celebrations


By its blossoming flowers, fresh colors and warm weather, spring fills our hearts and souls with joy and bliss.

Spring makes us feel happy also with its holidays and victories. One of the most beautiful holidays is one which is celebrated in March, the international day of women.

The History and the Meaning

Starting as a day of protection of women’s rights and then being announced as women’s national day in different countries, today it is known as International Women’s Day almost all around the world. This holiday goes back to Roman times, when the Romans honored their married women who do not have a housekeeper. They received presents from their husbands, who spared nothing to make their wives surround with great love and attention. The bond-women were also granted presents and were given the full day to rest and do what they enjoy doing. Women put on their fancy clothes and wore beautiful flower wreaths on their heads and visited the temple of Vesta who was known as the protector of family happiness.

Later the first events connected with formation of the holiday took place on March 8 in 1857 when the working women of New York City organized a parade for demands of their rights. Almost half a century later, on the same day the members of Social-democratic organization of New York organized a demonstration for the protection of women’s rights, after which in 1909 the American Social Party declared the last Sunday of February as  national women’s day. The next historical stage in the formation of the holiday took place in Copenhagen in 1910 when during the second socialistic international conference socialist offered to make the holiday annual. The holiday was officially celebrated on March 19 in 1911 in 4 countries: Austria, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland. In 1977 UNO proclaimed the 8th of March Women’s International Day after which this holiday is celebrated in all the countries of the world.

This beautiful holiday has been celebrated for a century now but it was born as a challenge for the protection of women rights. Still at the beginning of 20th century women could gain this success due to strong will and purposefulness. In Armenia the 8th of March is officially celebrated since 1921. In Armenia, International Women’s Day is officially celebrated since 1921 and marked as a public holiday; this is a non-working day in the country, where they can enjoy their day as they see fit having no obligation to work at all. On this day, other members of the family help with the house chores and give the women of the house all the time to relax. Though still not so popular in some countries, March 8th is a big deal for Armenians

As the holiday marks the beginning of spring and freshness, March 8 is often associated with beauty, femininity, and flowers. On this day, women particularly receive attention from their male partners, family members, friends, coworkers, and even strangers. And during this Armenian Women’s month, women get a ton of special privileges from various institutions. Shops, for example, have a lot of attractive discounts during this period for women. Various restaurants and cafes have special offers for women. Banks offer loans that have certain privileges for women as well. At their respective workplaces, women are given more attention and are treated to flowers almost every day. 

Celebration in Armenia

If you are in the capital on March 8th, you will see young boys handing out flowers to women and girls on the streets, as part of the celebration activities organized by Yerevan Municipality.

Sometimes, the municipalities also organize concerts or live performances on the streets. Companies organize corporate gatherings, pubs and cafes organize parties and events, and restaurants are almost always fully booked.  It has also recently become a tradition for many women’s rights organizations and active groups to organize a march on this day. With this, they highlight the real purpose of the holiday - recognizing women’s rights and how far they have come throughout history.  While the rest of the world marks only one day, Armenia celebrates a whole month dedicated to women! March 8th sets the beginning and the month concludes with celebrations on April 7th, which is the day of Motherhood and Beauty. While March 8th is for all women, April 7th is particularly about showing appreciation to our mothers. 

March 8th is around the corner and so are the big celebrations. This year, make the International Women’s Day memorable by visiting Armenia. At Bravo Armenia, we will be sure to make it extra special for you!