May Holidays celebrations in Armenia


You can spend May holidays 2020 under the warm sun of Armenia!

Here you'll find admirable weather, delectable food, well-known Armenian cognacs, marvelous landscapes and Armenian hospitality!

This is the period when you can already enjoy Armenian coffee in open street cafes, see how the trees bloom and not miss one of the main events of May - Wine days on the most wine street of the city!

May events 2020 in Armenia

May in Armenia is full of holidays. There are a lot of events taking place this month in Armenia. You'll be blissful to sensate the celebratory spirit of spring Armenia.

Wine fanciers will be fortunate to know that the Wine Days festival in Yerevan takes place in May. If you want to find out Armenian cuisine and culture in general, you can visit the Tolma festival on May 20 in the Aragatsotn region. Various events take place these days in Armenia: concerts, fireworks, entertainment programs.

Another very sapid event takes place in May in Yerevan - Museum Night. May 18 is International Museum Day, and Armenia also celebrates it. All night, admission to almost all the museums of Armenia is free.

May holidays celebrations in Armenia

In Armenia, May 1 is celebrated as an international holiday - Labor Day. It was initially called the Day of International Worker Solidarity. By tradition, demonstrations, concerts and festivities take place on this day.

May 8 is a Shushi Liberation Day and one of the national holidays in Armenia. In 1992, Shushi was exempted. This was an impeccable, remarkable military action in Armenian military art, which introduced a drastic change in the course of Armenia's history. Shushi Liberation Day is one of the most beloved holidays in Armenia.

May 9 is a Victory day in World War II. The Armenian people made a substantial contribution to the struggle against the fascist usurpers.  By tradition, participators of the Great Patriotic War are congratulated on this great holiday, florets and garlands are laid at the monuments of fallen soldiers.

On May 28, 1918, the independence of Armenia was restored five and a half centuries after the fall of the Cilician Armenian state. An essential part of the territory was occupied by Turkish troops. The victories won by the Armenian army allowed to stop the advance of the Turks and liquidate the threat of physical destruction hanging over the Armenian people.

Tours in Armenia in May holidays will be a splendid possibility to enjoy the country's blooming nature, become part of diverse festive events, learn a lot about Armenian culture, and perceive new tides of breeziness.