Armenia - the best place for winter holidays


It is definite that Armenia takes your breath away during the sunny summer days with its green sceneries and outdoorsy adventures.

Nevertheless, the cold, snowy ambiance in Armenia is a totally different experience, and may I say a must-have experience. If you’re not a fan of cold weather, you might change your standpoint after spending only a week in snowy Armenia.

Armenia’s Winter Season

Winter in Armenia starts the end of December and gets harsh during January and February, that’s when the snowfalls begin and the white color becomes dominant in the country. Although the temperature outside gets below zero, you will still see people walking down the streets enjoying the weather because Armenia has a dry climate, so the cold doesn’t bother the public. Even when it’s raining outside, which is not too often, the dropping rain is very enjoyable. While outdoors will be freezing, all the indoor places, like the restaurants, cafes, and bars, have heating systems that will make you forget it is winter outside. All transportation methods remain active even during winter (buses, metro, taxi).

White Yerevan

The streets and trees of Yerevan will be covered with pure white snow, enough to give the city a peaceful look and to continue moving around the city comfortably.  At the beginning of winter, the water fountains are emptied, so you will definitely feel a void in the Republic Square. But the museums like Matenadaran, History museum of Armenia, The Armenian Genocide Museum, National Gallery of Armenia are always open, independent of the weather. Cascade, the giant stairway of Yerevan, is a must-see at all times as well! In addition, the view from Mother Armenia monumental statue overlooks the entire white city. Many agencies organize special winter tours that suit every person’s interest. Some tours focus mainly on skiing and discovering Armenia’s mountains, others explore the cultural and historical side of the country.

Winter Activities

If you’re planning on visiting alone, with your family or friends, either way, you will never be bored in Armenia, even during winter where everyone retreats inside. One of the pleasant activities is ice skating on Swan Lake in the heart of Yerevan. You’ll find kids and adults trying to skate without falling on the ice! If you’re into professional ice skating, then you should head to Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concert Complex, fifteen minutes away from the Republic Square. On occasions, they hold competitions and shows there, so make sure to ask about that!

All Time Destinations  

Armenia has so many sites for you to visit that a few days in town will not be enough to cover it all. Many destinations are not reachable in winter due to the snow-blocked roads. Lake Sevan, the biggest lake in Armenia, is with no trouble accessible. Once you’re there, you will be mesmerized by the serenity of the water, especially from up the hill, next to the Sevanavank church. On your way to the east of Armenia, you should visit the only pagan temple in the country, a great historical monument, Garni. And from there you can head to Geghard monastery, which will all be covered with a white layer of snow. Khor Virap monastery is a very highly spiritual and historical holy site that guarantees a scenic view of Mount Ararat, since your trip won’t be complete unless you see Ararat, right?

Winter Destinations

This one is for ski lovers! The most famous and frequented ski resorts are found in Jermuk and Tsaghkadzor. Jermuk is a spa resort with natural hot springs, high-end hotels, and mountain slopes perfect for skiing and snowboarding. Tsaghkadzor offers skiing on a more extreme level. The panoramic view from the chairlift will take your breath away! Skiing costumes and gears are inexpensive, the whole experience will cost approximately 20,000AMD. Both places have attractive and cozy hotels situated midst the snow, so you can enjoy a hot cup of hot chocolate before heading back to skiing. 

Hot Dishes

Khash is the “Armenian wot soup” - a traditional Armenian dish made especially for the harsh winter times. The dish mainly consists of cow or sheep legs, full of natural collagen! When the cold hits, mostly all the restaurants start serving Khash as their main dish. During the cold days, Khash makes it at the top of the menu in every household, but the rest of the traditional dishes, like ghapama, dolma, and mante, are continuously found and are delicious during all the seasons! Once you try the Armenian dishes, your taste buds will blame you for waiting this long.
Although winter in Armenia can be harsh and might keep you hesitant from visiting, the warm hospitality of the Armenian people will definitely keep you comfortable. So, book that ticket now and start packing your warmest sweater and boots! Don’t forget your gloves!